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The Heart of the Matter


Whether you are reaching consumers, members, policymakers, industry partners or other stakeholders, we will reach your goals with a five-step methodology:

Determine what Matters to Your Audiences and Differentiates You From Competitors

Understand Your Brand and Refine or Define It When Necessary

Follow a Clear Strategy

Create Compelling Messages and Calls to Action

Implement a Measurable Plan, Doing a Few Things Very Well

Specialty Services include: Messaging/Positioning, Media Relations, Brand Development, Creative and Business Writing, Content Development, Collateral, Media, Digital and Print Design

As I often counsel clients, it’s best to align with partners who can help advance your cause. My 25 years in communications have allowed me the opportunity to work with some of the best individuals and organizations in the business, in the DC metro area and beyond.  With me as your lead, whether you need media relations, event management, collateral, research, advertising and graphic design, web development, digital marketing, blogger outreach, radio and TV visibility or video production, I will build a responsive and cohesive team together to customize a plan that works best for you.

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