What Matters to Me

In 2011, I was honored to be asked to join the board of Calvary Women’s Services (www.calvaryservices.org) , an organization that offers housing and comprehensive support services to homeless women of DC.  Located on Good Hope Road in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, DC, Calvary provides homeless women with housing and comprehensive support services including educational programs, job readiness classes, mental health services, addiction recovery support, one-on-one case management, health and wellness activities and more. Calvary is known as a place where women go when they’re ready to make a real change in their lives, and it works.  Every five days a client moves into her own home.

I also have the honor of serving with the dynamic and committed staff and board.  Together, we celebrate the women of Calvary by hosting events in their honor, including an annual poker tournament that I co-host and our HOPE Awards, which has recognized many leading women including Katie Couric, Sheila C. Johnson, Judy Smith, Sandra Evers-Manly and many others.  We are constantly seeking others who would like to be part of the board.  If you are interested, please contact me directly.

I also am committed to helping find a cure for pediatric cancer.  I dedicate time to Connor Cures (www.connorcures.com), an organization founded by the parents of one of my son’s best friends, whose nine-month old brother passed away from the disease.

Moments that Matter (#MomentsthatMatter)